Message: “Israel – History’s Focal Point (Dan 9:24-27)” from Paul Held

Sunday Production

Paul Held - January 7, 2024

Israel - History's Focal Point (Dan 9:24-27)

Paul Held - Daniel's 70 weeks prophecy, when literally (not allegorically) interpreted; is consistent with the book of Revelation and the Olivet discourse. Israel as a nation has a clearly defined past, present and future. This prophecy takes the first 69 weeks from Artaxerxes' permission to rebuild Jerusalem in Nehemiah 2, to the first coming of Christ. Then a pause for the church age, and a restart of the last week (the 70th week); with a seven year peace treaty with Israel, coinciding with the 7 year tribulation and the Olivet discourse in Matthew 24.

Scripture References: Daniel 9:24-27

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