Serving Spain

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The gospel need in Spain: Roughly only 1.3% of Spaniards are Christians, in a country with 47 million inhabitants.

The ministry of Baptist Mid-Missions

Our purpose is to glorify God by working in church planting & training faithful nationals (Matt 28:19-20; Rom 10:14-15)

Church planting: As Jeremie has inquired of various missionaries and Spanish pastors about theological education, what has become clear is that there is a great need for more and stronger churches in Spain. Per God’s providence, Jeremie therefore plans to primarily serve in a pastoral/church planting capacity in Spain.

Training nationals: Though there is not a full-time national training ministry opportunity, they have been told there is some need for theological education and have been asked to help. Jeremie plans on being involved in theological education by training via weekend intensive Bible institute classes, and also possibly via teaching in an international theological institution that has reach in Spain. Jeremie also is part of a new ministry in Baptist Mid-Missions that is called STEP (Strategic Theological Education Partnerships), and which seeks to better international theological education institutions world-wide via consulting, fora, and conferences, and plans to also serve in theological education that way.

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