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What are they doing?

International Director

Todd oversees the direction of all of Leadership Resources’ pastoral training venues around the world as well as LRI’s staff of international directors and teachers.

What is Training National Trainers (TNT)

Throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas, Leadership Resources equips small groups of national pastors to teach God’s Word with the heart of a shepherd. We work closely with the same group of pastors for about 2 weeks per year over 4 years, allowing deep friendships to form. These pastors multiply the training by equipping fellow pastors and church leaders in their own country.

So TNT achieves depth – through an ongoing mentoring strategy and breadth – through a “large numbers” multiplication strategy. TNT goes both deep and wide.

Mission Agency: Leadership Resources International
Email: tksite@sbcglobal.net or kelly_folk@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.leadershipresources.org

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