33400 Shiawassee St. 9:30 & 10:30 AM



The LIFE group is a seniors ministry that seeks to encourage fellowship, friendship, love, support and a closer Christian walk  among our seniors (55 years old and up). “LIFE” is an acronym that stands for:

L – Loving each other in the Lord by helping to meet each of our individual needs through group support.
I  – Intercession on behalf of each other in prayer for our physical and spiritual needs.
F – Fellowship with each other to encourage and inspire each of us to a closer walk with God.
E – Evangelism – carrying out the Great Commission in our individual spheres of influence.

We have a Small Group made up of LIFE group members which meets bi-weekly. We try to have several activities on the calendar each year for the entire Life group. The past year we have had a Christmas party, a cook out, a boat ride and are planning a game night for next month. If you would like to be apart of this group please see Richard Brodie.